Marketing and Supply Chain: a Good Work in Progress

One of the quickest research groups to set-up a website has been the Marketing and Supply Chain Research Group (MaSC).  We quickly organised a structure for the website (helped, ironically, by the lack of structure already in place) and added web copy to the pages.  Using the Copyblogger theme, the website has a clear and stylish look to it with really easy navigation to find the information you’re looking for quickly.


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A Cross-Campus College

The move to College structure isn’t official yet, although my remit is across the soon-to-exist College of Social Science.  It will bring together the Faculty of Business and Law, in which faculty office I am based, and the Faculty of Health and Social Science, based in Bridge House and the Sport Centre.  It’s a good job the College  won’t be a physical one or we’d have some problems!

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Community & Health Research Group: a Good Start

In the next 6 weeks, it is hoped there will be a research site ready as a pilot to see how the project is going as a whole, get feedback and prove as a good example to follow.  Some of the research groups in the College of Social Science have already started blogging and are doing a good job of it.  One of those is the Community & Health Research Group.

Community and Health Research Group Blog Homepage

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