Marketing and Supply Chain: a Good Work in Progress

One of the quickest research groups to set-up a website has been the Marketing and Supply Chain Research Group (MaSC).  We quickly organised a structure for the website (helped, ironically, by the lack of structure already in place) and added web copy to the pages.  Using the Copyblogger theme, the website has a clear and stylish look to it with really easy navigation to find the information you’re looking for quickly.


The website has been useful as an example of what we’re trying to achieve for other research units and has helped to develop a sort of consistency of structure and expectations of the websites throughout the College, for example including a link back to the school the unit is based in and having short biographies to go on members lists.

It may well become the first site to be finished and will be suitable for the pilot site to look back on and evaluate int he coming weeks and months.

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