A Cross-Campus College

The move to College structure isn’t official yet, although my remit is across the soon-to-exist College of Social Science.  It will bring together the Faculty of Business and Law, in which faculty office I am based, and the Faculty of Health and Social Science, based in Bridge House and the Sport Centre.  It’s a good job the College  won’t be a physical one or we’d have some problems!

Having been travelling from one faculty to the other to meet academics related to the research groups in the past weeks, I’ve found that the College actually stretches from the furthest two points of the Brayford Campus.  Now, one of Lincoln’s strengths as a university city is it’s close-quarter nature but it’s a good decent walk from one base to the other.

Thankfully, the organisation of the new structure isn’t up to me but at least I’ve been getting some nice fresh air and a decent walk each day of the week!

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