Community & Health Research Group: a Good Start

In the next 6 weeks, it is hoped there will be a research site ready as a pilot to see how the project is going as a whole, get feedback and prove as a good example to follow.  Some of the research groups in the College of Social Science have already started blogging and are doing a good job of it.  One of those is the Community & Health Research Group.

Community and Health Research Group Blog Homepage

Led by Niro Siriwardena, the group post blogs on a variety of topics such as publications, media coverage and events and conferences the group attends.  Posts are of a decent length, include images, are well categorised and have informative links to find out more; good attributes for a blog to have.

The fact that the blog has been going since 2010 gives the group a great head-start with their online presence and the blog turns up highly in related searches, such as ‘niro siriwardena‘ and ‘health lincoln‘.  This is what the project really aims to do: make the research in the College of Social Science easily found and seen to be as active as it really is.

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