Community & Health Research Group: a Good Start

In the next 6 weeks, it is hoped there will be a research site ready as a pilot to see how the project is going as a whole, get feedback and prove as a good example to follow.  Some of the research groups in the College of Social Science have already started blogging and are doing a good job of it.  One of those is the Community & Health Research Group.

Community and Health Research Group Blog Homepage

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Project Commence

I started work this week (3rd September) and there are six months for the project to be completed.  The first step is to identify which research units in the College are active or not and then move on to finding what each one does and wants from the project.

I did have a list of 27; it went down to 24 and is now at 26 but I’m sure that will change more within the next week or so!  They’re listed below and please do help if you see any inaccuracies.

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